Barbered Leather handmade goods



How do I ask a question?

  1. Email us:

  2. DM us: @cornershopmtz

  3. Text or call: (925) 316-8889

How do I measure for a belt?

The best way to get us the correct measurement is to measure a current belt that fits properly. Lay the belt on a counter or floor next to a measuring tape. Measuring this way is required for us to make you a belt that fits properly.

How to measure a Barbered Leather Belt

Start the measurement where the prong of your belt hits the buckle.

How to measure a Barbered Leather belt

Measure along the belt to the current belt hole you use. In this example. This is the number we need.

What is The Corner Shop?

The Corner Shop is the name of our storefront in Downtown Martinez. We started out as a studio / gift shop / leather workspace. When the leather goods TOOK OFF we’d already created a brand for The Corner Shop as a storefront. So, the name on the window is The Corner Shop, our instagram is The Corner Shop but our business name is Barbered Leather. We will leaning more towards Barbered Leather when we can.

Do you make custom designs?

Nope, but we may be able to direct you to amazing leather workers who do!

Can I pick-up my items in store?

Yes! Select the pick-up shipping option.